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Last spring, we looked at building a raised vegetable bed in our yard, and after examining the cost of redwood and the other supplies we would need, coupled with the many hours needed to pull the project together, we decided a tower garden was a far better choice. It only takes about 30 minutes to assemble.

Additionally, we would need to turn over the soil every spring and fall before planting a new crop and it just made more sense to use a far easier system of growing our own.



I’ve been using Juice Plus for a very short time and noticed almost immediate results. I felt more energy and found that I didn’t require caffeine to keep me going. It’s a great product and I’m so glad that I found out about it.

Michael I.

The production rate of the tower gardens is amazing. After only a matter of weeks, kendall's tower garden.facebookwe already have zucchini forming in May! And our tomato plants are already over two feet tall.

Steve C.

I’m impressed with my blood work numbers after using Juice Plus capsules and Complete shake for four months. Looking forward to all kinds of improved benefits and most of all, I feel great.

Laura M.complete

I am anemic and occasionally my iron is so low that is causes my blood volume to drop below normal healthy levels. The first time it happened, it took 8 months of diligent management, including a blood transfusion and iron transfusions to stabilize my blood volume. A couple of months ago, my blood volume dropped again. The only thing I changed in the protocol I know works was to add the Juice Plus capsule powders to my smoothie. Instead of 8 months, it took only 7 weeks to stabilize my iron and for my blood volume to be back in normal range.

Melissa D.

I am following Gwen’s helpful recommendations and have been taking Juice Plus supplements instead of my usual multivitamin for 10 weeks now. 2 weeks in, I started noticing positive effects similar to my yearly week long dietary reboot of juicing fruits and vegetables. While the effect isn’t quite as strong, achieving this with simple ingested capsules instead of the 45 minutes of prep it takes me each morning to make enough juice for the day is amazing, and I’m very happy with the results!

Kevin G.

As an elementary school teacher, I got so tired of spending many weekends at home in bed with the “bug of the week” that was brought to me by my students. I rarely have any down time anymore and am enjoying my improved health.

Cheryl B.capsule trio-

I’m basically a Type A personality and always thought I had a lot of energy. After using Juice Plus capsules for a few months, I can tell you I now have way more energy that I ever had before. It’s quite impressive.

Stella B.

 As I’ve continued to workout with the physical trainer who I’ve been using for several years, she mentioned that she has been noticing a difference in my stamina and ability to work at a higher level. I think the combination of adding so many more fruits and veggies to my diet with the shake and capsules has really made a difference. I didn’t change anything else in my diet or routine. Great products.

Flo D.