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Curious about how Tower Garden works?

Check out this cool video- how Tower Garden works! Then reach out to me — I love to help people get started with this super simple method of growing some of your own clean Continue Reading

Pumpkins and Roasted Winter Vegetables Recipe


This Pumpkins and Roasted Winter Vegetables Recipe will be a hit on a cool winter evening (or any other time!). Shirley Kellicott is a Half Moon Bay cook. She loves to come up with new twists to old favorites and is very generous in sharing her creations. If you can’t find pumpkins, feel free to […]

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Grow Veggies the Easier and Smarter Way …

Want an easier and smarter way to get clean, organic veggies growing inside your home? Here it is… Why should you use the aeroponic Tower Garden rather than another growing method? Why not just plant a few seeds in the dirt? Why even garden at all when you can buy produce from the grocery store […]

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Bok Choy, a Nutritional Powerhouse

bok choy

I’ve always liked bok choy and other cruciferous vegetables, but since acquiring a tower garden, which makes it so easy to grow, I’ve developed even more of a passion for this super healthy veggie. Some easy recipes follow below.

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#1 Easiest Plant to Grow — Basil

basil for pesto

#1 Easiest Plant to Grow — Basil is the easiest summer herb to grow in soil or tower gardens. Basil often brings life to food. Use this summer herb in a tomato cocktail, add the whole leaves to Thai soups or sprinkle it generously over Caprese salads. Fresh basil is a great herb in the […]

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YES! You can grow watermelon in a Tower Garden®

Here is a lovely recipe for Watermelon Salad. It’s a lot of fun to grow some sugar baby watermelon in a tower garden. If it’s placed on a deck or balcony, the lovely vines will trail along the ground. Some folks like to place a trellis of some sort nearby for support for the vines. […]

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Persuasive Research: Soil vs. Tower Garden®

basil for pesto

The University of Mississippi compared product yield of crops grown in aeroponic growing systems and in soil. Researchers found the yields of plants grown with an aeroponic garden were more than 30% bigger on average. Here’s the breakdown by crop: Basil — 19% increase Chard – 8% increase Red kale – 65% increase Parsley – […]

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Tips on Growing Tomatoes: Containers and Tower Gardens ®

Tower Garden tomatoes

I love growing cherry tomatoes because it is so easy to freeze the extra bounty to use all winter in soups and veggie sautés. But it’s fun to experiment with new varieties. If you’re evaluating your growing experience from this year, here are some things I’ve learned.

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Paul Soules, Excited About Brussels Sprouts?

brussel sprouts web

Paul has always talked about how sweet those Brussels Sprouts were that he grew on the Tower Garden®. He also remarked about being impressed with how many there were. Harvesting happens every few weeks, and in soil gardens, sprouts usually yield between two and six sprouts. Because produce grows 35% faster and produces more with […]

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Tower Garden® Basil and Parmesan Chicken Salad

TG basil 2018

          Tower Garden® Basil and Parmesan Chicken Salad is from my friend, Ken Myers, and was adapted from Americas Test Kitchen Simple Weeknight Suppers.

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5 Top Benefits: Tower Garden® over dirt gardens

lisa & tower

I’m passionate about gardening! My tiny urban farm produced much more than I expected. I recently visited a friend who also has three tower gardens and we were talking about the advantages of aeroponic gardens over traditional soil gardens.

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