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3 Steps to Survive the Pandemic (and still fit into your pants…)

Many thanks to Jake and Joy Kelly for allowing me to repost this excellent article. by JakeandJoy | Apr 21, 2020 I grew up in North Dakota and Minnesota back when they still got lots of snow! Snow days were a common occurrence every winter and, for the most part, I remember them as fun! They Continue Reading

Persuasive Research: Soil vs. Tower Garden®

basil for pesto

The University of Mississippi compared product yield of crops grown in aeroponic growing systems and in soil. Researchers found the yields of plants grown with an aeroponic garden were more than 30% bigger on average. Here’s the breakdown by crop: Basil — 19% increase Chard – 8% increase Red kale – 65% increase Parsley – […]

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Tips on Growing Tomatoes: Containers and Tower Gardens ®

Tower Garden tomatoes

I love growing cherry tomatoes because it is so easy to freeze the extra bounty to use all winter in soups and veggie sautés. But it’s fun to experiment with new varieties. If you’re evaluating your growing experience from this year, here are some things I’ve learned.

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Paul Soules, Excited About Brussels Sprouts?

brussel sprouts web

Paul has always talked about how sweet those Brussels Sprouts were that he grew on the Tower Garden®. He also remarked about being impressed with how many there were. Harvesting happens every few weeks, and in soil gardens, sprouts usually yield between two and six sprouts. Because produce grows 35% faster and produces more with […]

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Tower Garden® Basil and Parmesan Chicken Salad

TG basil 2018

          Tower Garden® Basil and Parmesan Chicken Salad is from my friend, Ken Myers, and was adapted from Americas Test Kitchen Simple Weeknight Suppers.

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5 Top Benefits: Tower Garden® over dirt gardens

lisa & tower

I’m passionate about gardening! My tiny urban farm produced much more than I expected. I recently visited a friend who also has three tower gardens and we were talking about the advantages of aeroponic gardens over traditional soil gardens.

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Harvesting Tower Garden® Tomatoes

Tower Garden tomatoes

Harvesting Tower Garden® tomatoes has never been easier. And growing tomatoes has never been easier— it’s every gardeners pride and joy! My husband tells a story about his Dad— they competed at work about who would grow the biggest and best tomato. You could always tell when he got home if he was the champ […]

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Watermelon Salad for the Dog Days of Summer


Watermelons just scream summer and picnics, right? They are refreshing, sweet, help us feel cooler, and what a guilt-free dessert! 90 percent of a watermelon is water. But they still have a lot of nutrients. Here is a good article on all the benefits from Medical News Today.

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4 Healthy Eating Tips for Families on the Go

Natural food stores salad bar

By Dr. William and Dr. Peter Sears So many of us struggle to maintain healthy eating habits while keeping up with our families busy lives. Here are four tips to help you and your family eat healthier.

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Can Creatures in Our Gut Change our Health?

dandelion greens

Can creatures in our gut change our health in a positive way? There is so much public interest in the health of our gut- from Ted Talks on microbiomes to new books on the subject— the public is engaging in and paying attention to what’s going on in our guts.

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Most herbs are perfect choices to grow in a tower garden.

TG kale and cilantro-featured image crop

Most herbs are perfect choices to grow in a tower garden. They will thrive provided you offer them the right growing conditions and that is so easy to accomplish with a tower garden. Most herbs need full sun for best performance. Place your tower in locations that receive at least eight hours of direct sun.

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