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basil for pesto

#1 Easiest Plant to Grow — Basil

#1 Easiest Plant to Grow — Basil is the easiest summer herb to grow in soil or tower gardens. Here are 8 varieties of the EPIC Ocimum basilicum to add to your shopping list. It's a nice video- good overview of some that I did not know about. Dark Opel Basil- great for garnishes and such a nice Continue Reading

Can Creatures in Our Gut Change our Health?

dandelion greens

Can creatures in our gut change our health in a positive way? There is so much public interest in the health of our gut- from Ted Talks on microbiomes to new books on the subject— the public is engaging in and paying attention to what’s going on in our guts.

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Most herbs are perfect choices to grow in a tower garden.

TG kale and cilantro-featured image crop

Most herbs are perfect choices to grow in a tower garden. They will thrive provided you offer them the right growing conditions and that is so easy to accomplish with a tower garden. Most herbs need full sun for best performance. Place your tower in locations that receive at least eight hours of direct sun.

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Everyone is talking about how Americans are getting fatter

Americans are getting fatter-obese woman

Everyone is talking about how Americans are getting fatter but now it’s really official. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published an analysis in July 2015 finding that “75 percent of men and 67 percent of women ages 25 and older are now overweight or obese.”

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3 Healthy Eating Tips for Families On the Go

children eating apples

By Dr. William and Dr. Peter Sears AskDrSears.com Today’s hectic lifestyle can often leave us struggling to maintain healthy eating habits while constantly on the go. Here are three quick tips to help you and your family eat healthy in today’s fast-paced world. Pack School Lunches for Your Children I often cringe when I read […]

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Real Food


Real food. What does it really mean? There is no official definition for the term, but there is a general consensus for what it means.

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Tips for cutting fat from your diet

a fresh bran muffin

Most people know good nutrition involves eating a certain amount of fat in our diet but not everyone is aware of the hidden fat. Often we don’t realize that sweet foods like muffins and other pastries can have more fat than sugar. Want a recipe for a better bran muffin? Here is an example of […]

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Health tips on chocolate and memory loss

Health tips on chocolate and memory loss become more important as we age. I think everyone would agree that maintaining memory function involves living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining good nutrition.

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Tips on Aphid Control for Towers or Dirt Gardens

Here are a few tips on aphid control for towers or dirt gardens. Aphids are a problem all year in the Bay Area. Ladybugs love them and are available in many nurseries in the area so get some ladybugs and hope they don’t all fly away! They seem to love bok choy, chard, kale and […]

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Drying basil in the microwave

TG basil 2018

Drying basil in the microwave is one way of saving some of that beautiful summer herb. We had a very large bush of Thai basil this year. After looking at a few methods of preserving, I decided to try comparing drying in the microwave with the traditional method of just hanging a bunch in the […]

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Tips for using arugula in cooking


Since starting to grow more produce in my three tower gardens I’ve found some tips for using arugula in cooking. I’m also learning more about vegetable greens and the huge benefits for health. People are talking about some greens as being “super food” and it’s no wonder. I was surprised to learn that arugula is […]

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