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#1 Easiest Plant to Grow — Basil

#1 Easiest Plant to Grow — Basil is the easiest summer herb to grow in soil or tower gardens.

Here are 8 varieties of the EPIC Ocimum basilicum to add to your shopping list. It’s a nice video- good overview of some that I did not know about.

Dark Opel Basil- great for garnishes and such a nice color AND healthier because it is purple. Grows about 8 inched tall.

Greek Yevani Basil is quite spicy so a little goes a long way. I love spice so I will be looking for this seed to grow on my tower next summer.

African Blue Basil is a perrenial which will be ideal here in the SF Bay Area. It is a great plant for pollination because it is very popular with bees.

And one of my favorites- Thai Basil. Great to use in soups. Almost a licorice taste.

How Tower Gardens® work

A pump in the reservoir pushes the nutrient solution to the top of the tower. The nutrient solution evenly cascades over the exposed plant roots.

Aside from checking water levels and cleaning the pump filter, Tower Garden® will take care of itself. And in just a few short weeks, you’ll be enjoying abundant homegrown produce, harvested at its peak (so you can be at yours).

Gwen O’Neill has been a gardener for over 40 years and has always been a passionate cook. Her own health challenges led her to experiencing a variety of healing modalities. After finding that her health improved with eating more whole food and improving her nutrition using a real, whole food based supplement called Juice Plus, she committed to sharing this experience with others. The Tower Garden by Juice Plus makes it easy to grow produce right outside your kitchen door.

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