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Most herbs are perfect choices to grow in a tower garden.

Most herbs are perfect choices to grow in a tower garden. They will thrive provided you offer them the right growing conditions and that is so easy to accomplish with a tower garden.

Most herbs need full sun for best performance. Place your tower in locations that receive at least eight hours of direct sun.



Basil grows best in full sun. Basil is a good companion with parsley, thyme, and other herbs.

Chives are grassy, clump-forming perennials with hollow leaves. Essentially tiny onions, chives are grown for their leaves and blooms rather than their bulbs. Their fragrant pink-purple spring flowers are also edible. They can tolerate light shade but do best in full sun. Because they’re hardy in Zones 3-10, you can leave them outdoors year-round.

Cilantro, also known as coriander, can be used for its tangy leaves or its dried, ground seeds. Cilantro grows best in sun, although it tolerates some shade.

TG kale and cilantro

Kale and flowering cilantro.

Lavender is a bushy perennial shrub that does best in full sun. Lavender hardiness depends on the variety; the toughest are hardy in Zones 5-10.

Lemon balm, an old-fashioned favorite that spreads freely and self-sows readily, is perfect for container gardens so it doesn’t take over the yard. Plant in partial shade or full sun.

Marjoram, an oregano relative, has a sweeter, milder flavor and aroma than its cousin. Grow it in full sun. Good as a house plant in winter.

Mint is such a vigorous plant that it will become invasive if planted in a traditional garden. Grow it in full sun or

tower garden mint leaves

Mint leaves in a tower.

partial shade. It’s a perennial, but its hardiness varies by variety, so check which type you are growing. Be aware that the roots are extensive so best practice for growing and mint plants are, change them out about every four to five months.

Oregano is an essential ingredient in Mediterranean cuisines. The plant is a shrubby perennial that does best in full sun. The more sun oregano receives, the more pungent the flavor of the leaves.

Rosemary, a Mediterranean evergreen shrub, likes hot, sunny spots. Has a long growing season and in many places can go all year round.

TG oregano

Oregano, a favorite of most cooks!

Sage is a favorite for seasoning poultry. Best grown in full sun, sage is perfect because of it’s silvery green appearance.

Thyme comes in many varieties, but all grow best in full.

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