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Growing Tips for Peas: Tower garden bounty

Growing tips for peas include get them started early for a long, productive season. I try to get snap peas in the tower from September through early October.


Growing tips for peas include get started early!


I always tell people, be patient because it may take several weeks for flowers to begin appearing. But as soon as they do, you will soon have peas to add to your daily salads and will experience the tower garden bounty.

The amount of peas you harvest will depend on how many plants are in your tower. One vine may only produce a few each week for salad, but soon, as the vine begins to mature and expand in size, you will have enough for stir frying or using in your favorite cooked dishes.

TG peas huge harvest every day

Tower Garden peas — huge harvest every day.

Winter Storms

I use a product called wire tree tie by Garden Plus. It’s a thin wire covered with green vinyl that you can use to tie the pea vines to the support cage so they don’t get whipped around with the wind. It is important to tie them up as they can break easily in the winter storms.

Aquarium Heater for Water Reservoirs


Winter gardening in California is easy with a Tower Garden and an aquarium heater. As soon as the night temperature begins to dip, usually in November, I get out my submersible heater and plug it in.

Many areas in northern California do experience frost. We have not had any yet, but I have read that lettuce and other winter vegetables will tolerate temperatures as low as 25 F. Keeping the water in your tower warm will help the plants get through the cold nights. I have my thermostat set at about 80 F. That sounds warm, but the water will be cooled as it is pumped up and drips on the roots.

If you are interested in saving money on produce and creating a sustainable garden, and giving your family the cleanest, best tasting produce, consider growing tower garden veggies. Because there is no soil and no digging, no weeding and no bending, growing is now easier that it ever was in a traditional dirt garden. Check the links below and email your questions.

submitted by Gwen O’Neill

Gwen O’Neill has been a gardener for over 40 years and has always been a passionate cook. Her own health challenges led her to experiencing a variety of healing modalities. After finding that her health improved with eating more whole food and improving her nutrition using a real, whole food based supplement called Juice Plus, she committed to sharing this experience with others. The Tower Garden by Juice Plus makes it easy to grow produce right outside your kitchen door.

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Juice Plus real food!





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